Forms Poll not Sending During a Teams Meeting

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Hi everyone ,

My Forms Poll won't send to my meeting chat during a meeting.  It actually doesn't show up anywhere. 


I am providing my staff with PD and I want to make the PD more interactive with poll questions, but the poll doesn't show up when I hit "send." I would like it to show up in the chat, but it doesn't even show up in the channel posts outside of the meeting


The meeting is in a specific channel and I can create the poll, but when I hit send nothing happens and no one (not even myself) can see the poll. 


If I try this on another personal channel during a pretend meeting it works fine.  Is there something wrong with my work channel or does anyone know how I fix this?


Thank you!

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I am having the exact same problem. I did a poll in a chat and it just disappeared. All it said was My User Name added forms to the quiz, no poll, nothing. I don't get it.



Also having the same problem. Ever figure it out?

@TaylorHutch Me too.  Is there a resolve?




It just started working at some point. Don't know if it was something the admins did or just the pace of development on the desktop app caught up.

@TaylorHutch Yes it seems to be missing and this has been for a while and very little has been said about this as if it was a function that no one used.


It wasn't the best tool. I can see that it's available in chat but not in the meetings; a necessary feature especially when working with low-level participants, I can't just send them over to menti or wooclap as they'd never get there. MS - sort this out. 

still not able to create a poll in a meeting chat only the channels in the team. not much use for during meeting when pupils can't work out how to get to the team and then back to the meeting.