Forms Phishing alert is back after latest update

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After the latest update to the Forms phishing alert my two forms that were set up to gather job applications are now broken and applicants can no longer submit their details. This is absolutely unacceptable

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Same here, what is the fix??? 

@cf247reed I honestly have no idea, I have made sure that the phishing protection is switched off under the Org Settings\Microsoft forms controls but I can find no way of switching off or removing the alerts from the Forms themselves



Done the same, been off for an hour now & no change to the forms... I've logged a ticket with Microsoft, will let you know if they resolve it.

@cf247reed I have had another look and after I switched off the phishing control under the Org Settings, I then had to go through all of the questions and look for the potential key words that had trigger the block. I finally found that changing the wording of one question from 'Current Address' to 'Home Address' cleared the flag from the forms and they are working again.


It is just annoying that something that had worked for months was broken by an update.

Having the same issue. No message in my message center to unblock it either like the microsoft documentation claims.

@kevinduvall I honestly think that their update has flagged forms that should not have been picked up by the filter. The forms that we had blocked are forms that can be completed by anyone and should not have been picked up by the phishing filter. As I said in a previous reply once I disabled the phishing filter in the Org settings and updated some of the words in the questions the block message disappeared and the forms are now working, but this is a workaround not a solution as I have had to disable the filter on internal forms 

@JamesMWood Is the form owned by you so you can edit it? I'm trying to find a way to edit the form as an admin but can't seem to find how to do that

I asked the owner of the form to share it with me for editing and that way I was able to run through the possible options for the language to use