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Attachments in Forms Personal store in OneDrive

Attachments in Forms O365 Group store in SharePoint


Why are the attachments storing in folders in SharePoint (4 levels deep).  Can we get them to the root and use metadata?   Simple form to send Contracts for approval with metadata Pending Reviewing Approved.  I don't understand why is Microsoft using Folders???



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Hi @BikeTech 


I share the same frustration with not being able to nominate a pathway for the uploaded attachments, but unfortunately this is current functionality.


As it's a new feature and a useful one, my feel is that the good folks in Microsoft Forms team will add this ability in a future release.


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I'm on personal forms and don't even have the option on a form for an end user to attach a file. Is this feature hidden somewhere?

That option is only available for people within your organisation, and if you are on a personal form you ewon't have an organisation which is why you don't see it.