Forms one response per person selected, allows multiple responces if opened multiple times

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Selecting the option "one response for person" does not prevent authenticated users to submit multiple times.

Before submitting, the user can open the form on multiple browser tabs, each permit to fill and submit the form.
After submitting the first time from one of the opened tabs, the opening form link does not work anymore as the user have already answered (this is correct). But the previous opened tabs are still there, and their answers can be submitted. All submitted answers (from different tabs) are recorded (they should not after the first submit) the opened tabs at the press of submit button must inform the user that have already answered.

All are recorded correctly as shown in the next picture.


How can we prevent this?

This is a school office 365 account.
The test made is done with authenticated users of the same domain. But the problem can be reproducer also, with the using the same user that creates the form also it can respond.

Multiple responce.PNGsettings.png

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@Elson_A there's no way that you can prevent them playing the system by opening the form in multiple tabs before they submit the first one.


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Hi @RobElliott ,
Is not my intent to prevent opening the form multiple times.
The intent is to prevent on submitting multiple times.
Just one submit must be recorded, the other attempts to submit (from other tabs or browsers) must be blocked in case there are submitted from the same authenticated user.

@Elson_A I think you'll need to submit a uservoice request for that, it's perhaps not a scenario that Microsoft have thought of.


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