Forms on Sharepoint have missing questions

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I created an MS Form that has about 15 questions. They're a mix of choice and text, and the last one being an 'Upload a file' question. 

I've integrated the Forms onto a SharePoint site (Comms site) that I created and it looks perfect for me but not for my colleagues. It would have missing questions and the questions would be shuffled. 

I have checked to see if 'Shuffle Questions' were ticked within the Settings of the Form and it wasn't. Sharing the Form directly through the URL was not a problem either. It was only a problem that is faced by my colleagues when they view the Form through my SharePoint Site even after giving them 'Full Control' of the site and putting the Form under Group Forms where me and my colleague are both in.



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Any updates to this? I'm seeing the same behavior. Even when I view the form in a sharepoint page, the questions are shuffled/some are missing. It's random as to which questions are missing or moved around. Responders and submit the form even if the missing questions that are required.


edit: Realized you posted this yesterday.

@adobyns Hey, I have no updates as of yet.

Though I thought it would have something to do with your cache because initially I had a button on the Home page of my site that would navigate to the page that contains the Forms but changed it so that it would open up the form itself through MS Forms. Doing this made the Forms on the SPS look normal and isn't messed up. After changing the button back to navigate to the site page made the Forms look messy again. 

I also tried clearing all my cache and browsing data but that doesn't seem to work as well so now I'm left wondering if this is a problem on Microsoft's end..

@amiradzim interesting... I'll have to try that and see. I've got the form embedded in a page that includes some other widgets (some excel graphs, a sharepoint list). I can also ask some of the other users if they are experiencing some messiness.


I will mention that when I had the form paginated, questions on subsequent pages were more likely to be 'lost'. when I removed the sections, I don't think i've seen any lost questions but the ordering is all messed up. I'll keep you updated on any observations.

@adobyns the only workaround that I found was to have a link (be it a button or text) to the Form itself without having it embedded into your page to avoid confusion for other users as I also faced the same problem that you've stated in your first comment where users would submit a form without choosing options to required questions.

Appreciate the help. Thank you!



We are having the same issue with randomising questions when the form is embedded into a SharePoint page. We have found that if you go to the form and then back to the SharePoint page and refresh the form will be in the correct order but this is no good for visiting users.

Anyone found a fix for the embed version? 

@amiradzim I've been seeing the same issue this week. Like yourself and the others that have replied, I've tried similar steps to you and although the questions appear in the right order for me they don't for some others and also miss out the descriptions etc.  We've now tried removing the embed and just adding a link to the form itself. This seems to have fixed the issue but does not answer why using the Forms web part is causing an issue. 


I am keen to find out why this is happening!