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MS Forms help please

I have created a form and added to my News Post - on the desktop version it works fine.

the problem is when I try to access it using my mobile phone.


I added it in the web part - I get an error message - ERR_BLOCKED_BY_RESPONSE

When I added it using embedded code web part and iFrame details, it doesn't load on my phone

Can you help me fix this problem?


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Hi @Mandy Lightfoot 


It's a bug with the way the SharePoint app handles authenticating the Form.


If you go to your forms Settings and check Anyone with the link can respond, this will fix the issue as the form no longer needs to authenticate the users identity before allowing access to the form.


It's not a solution but just a workaround given that the bug needs to be fixed by Microsoft and is not user error.


Alternatively, if you need to restrict the form to your organisation only, maybe include the direct link to the Form in your news post and any users who click onto the link will then access it from the web browser.


A couple of options to consider. Hope that helps?


Cheers and best wishes


Thank you @Damien Rosario :thumbs_up:
That makes sense ... Now to get all the site owners to remember that when posting it in the News post :face_with_tears_of_joy::hugging_face:

I don't envy the situation but they'll get used to it pretty quickly I'd imagine, @Mandy Lightfoot .


Best wishes with this


Any news on this issue? I just tried the MSForms component in PowerApps, and it worked like a charm when running it from a browser, but a clear no-go on the phone. Opening for anonymous worked fine, but then I don't get the id/authinfo in my forms responses, which is critical for my use case.