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Using forms, Is it possible to use the branching functionality with multiple criteria?


I mean, I want Question 3 only to be deployed if Answer to Question 1 is Option 1 and the answer to Question 2 is Option 2.


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Hi @Juan


Try doing this:


1. Click onto the ellipses (...) menu, top right of the screen (next to Share).


2. Click onto Branching.


3. Configure your questions as needed (see image below).



In terms of whether it will take you to a particular question if you choose a particular answer, yes it will work for things like Choice answers.


See if that works for you?


Best wishes!






Hello, I am trying to do the same. Did you solve your problem?

I want to do multiple response branching. Depending on the responses of three questions, direct the survey to a specific section. 

For example, if in Q1  answered A, Q2. answered B, and Q3. A, then go to section 10. 


Many thanks


Hi @mcr519 


Unfortantly I was unable to do that.


I solved it by duplicating the second question, and depending on the answer to the first question, it goes to some of the duplicated questions, the answer to de duplicated defines where to go on the  next step. doing that, I had to merge the answers using microsoft power automate and taking the answers to another excel or sharepoint list.


Look at the next image:





I see, I believe for my needs that may not work.

But thank you for your response! at least I will not spend more time trying to find a solution for that.

Have a good day :)

@JUAN ESTEBAN ROJAS SERNA  como lo resolviste?

Branching on multiple selection questions is not possible.

@herich1016 desafortunadamente no fue posible para mi encontrar una solución desde forms, tuve que duplicar las preguntas y hacer uso de la ramificación sencilla que ofrece forms, posteriormente tuve que usar microsoft flow para unir las preguntas duplicadas en una misma columna de un archivo en excel.

@JUAN ESTEBAN ROJAS SERNA gracias buscaré hacer algo similar. 

@RobElliott It really should be. So many very basic survey constructs are missing from MS Forms that, if present, would make it so much more usable - not just this, but branching based on a multi response question. What it perhaps needs is a branching question type, which can call in answers based on previous questions with AND and OR logic (and XOR if you want to be thorough), then branch accordingly. I cannot believe that it's beyond Microsoft to do that.

I agree 100%. making your users create a duplicated question that fractures your responses in the corresponding excel document is a design flaw and poor customer service.