Forms missing information

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Within the last 3 weeks, forms I have created have been missing part of the question and then some multiple choice options. In preview I don’t have any issues. Those taking the form are using cellphones, tablets, personal computers and/or School issued computers. I have had them update teams, log out and log back and restart their devices. Someone was able to figure out if they hit the immersive reader button, the question and all answers will appear in that window. However, they’d have to do that for 30 some questions. There’s no branching in the quiz.
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The questions and answers that were missing all involved the < symbol. As a math teacher, I was using that for my angle symbol. If I use < A it will be display without issue, but <A won’t. <1 displays without issue as well. 🤷🏻‍:female_sign: I’m not sure if when I use < it is expecting HTML code after it.