Forms losing connection with Excel

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I'm continually having an issue where my form looses it's connection to an Excel workbook saved on a team Share Point page. In the intital phases, I would just recreate the form and the sheet. Now that the form share link has been pushed out to others in our organization, that is no longer a good option. 


The excel workbook is not being renamed or moved. Although it would be nice if I could rename or move the workbook, that's not the issue here. Is there any way I can work through the excel workbook to reconnect the sheet? 

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I have the same problem since this morning. 

I create a form from my OneDrive (right click - contextual menu - and select form for exel)

It 's open a new form. Add a zone texte. Click on result and click open in excel.

I saw Nothing. the tab Form1 is not here. :(



I actually ended up creating a new workbook from the instructions given here


I'm ok with having a new workbook. I was not ok with having to make a new form and change the share links.