Forms limited to 20 questions?

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I've created a form with approx. 50 questions. 

In edit mode i can see al the questions and edit them. 

But when i open the form to fill in, only 20 questions are shown? 

Any suggestions?


many many thanks. 

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Hi @Jan Janssens


Are you still experiencing the issue after refreshing your browser/reloading the form? They should all be appear on the one screen as you know.


Strangely I also just experienced this when I tested it, and I deleted a few questions (essentially altered the form) and now I see all 86 questions.


It's weird but moving a few things around could work if you are experiencing the issue.




Thank for your reply.


indeed, very strange but also worked for me.



Glad that we could find a workaround solution for you.

I hope that it goes well and all the best with your form!