Forms issues uding IE and Chrome

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I've had our Technical team look into these issues and was not able to resolve them. Has anyone else seen these issues?

- Several users are unable to open a Forms with IE.  They do not have permissions. (Chrome works)

- Several users who can open Forms with IE cannot see Rating Stars.  They see the question only.

- Several users cannot open a Form if it is set up as only people in my organization with the link can open the Form.   If I change it to anyone with the link can open the form, it works fine.  I prefer the first option as it gives the name as the responder in the Response results.

Any suggestions  would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi @G_Calhoun 


Does your browser have single sign on or are your users able to login to access the form? The only reason I can think of that the form won't let them use it when it's org only is that it's not recognising their credentials.


As to the other reasons, and given the issues, is it worth enforcing a new default browser such as Chrome or Edge?


If your OS is older than Windows 10, you could also experience problems with older tech in IE.


Just my two cents which is stating the obvious.


Hope you are well!




@Damien Rosario Thank you for your response.  You may be on to something.  Some, not all have single sign on enabled.  We are in the process of upgrading the company to Office 365 and not all are done yet. We are also upgrading pc's to WIN 10 but many are still on 7.  The go to response is always try Chrome.  I'll continue on with that.  Thanks again! 




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Hi @G_Calhoun 


Yes thought you might have been on an older OS with older version of IE.


Chrome is the way to go with SSO and I suspect Win 10 will fix the issues thereafter no matter what browser they want to use.


Best wishes!