Forms for excel - OneDrive doesn't work anymore ?

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Dear Community,

Since yesterday all my forms (forms for Excel - OneDrive) are broken :

  • All forms online don't save responses on the attached Excel document anymore. But I still received notifications mails.
  • When i create a new Forms for Excel on OneDrive, the Excel document remains empty and doesn't receive responses.
    In that case I noticed Excel document create a "Form1" sheet with columns linked to questions, where responses are stored.
    But now the sheet "Form1" isn't created, I just have an empty sheet named "Sheet1".

Thank you for your help !

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Seems like someone edited or locked the Excel document you had the form pointed too. Your probably going to have to resetup the document to have the proper sheet name for it to know where to put the responses to.

Everything returned to normal...and I do know why and how.
Maybe it was a simple "bug" from Microsoft servers, because all responses I didn't receive 2 days ago are now in the Excel doc.

But thank you for help !

This has happened to one of our users to - and hasn't 'righted' itself in a month whilst I've been trying to find answers!

She created a 'Form for Excel' which had the Excel file saved in a SharePoint site.

We wanted the Excel Spreadsheet to display columns in a different order to the order questions were listed in the form, so she edited the Excel spreadsheet - which broke the link!!

How do we get the link to re-connect??  Or, if we start again from scratch, how can we rearrange the spreadsheet of results without breaking the link again?


For any serious work, the Forms for Excel is a mostly useless feature that breaks by design the moment you manually edit the workbook.

I learned this just now thinking I could solicit data from users using Forms, then calculate results in Excel behind the scenes. It lets you do everything but at some point, just stops working, no error messages, nothing... just doesn't work anymore. Microsoft's answer is, "sync to a new workbook". Oh, okay... no problem, I'll just recreate my workbook whenever it decides to stop working...