Forms Excel Sheet doesn't refresh - Missing the add-in?

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My latest excel files downloaded from my Forms are missing that little add-in that refreshes the data with new responses. 


Any idea how to fix this? Is there something else I need to be running on my Surface? 


I'm running Office Insider Slow Ring 1703, Build 7967.2035



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This is what I see when I try to load the add-in when I'm on the actual Excel sheet I downloaded from Forms.


FYI, this is a Form I duplicated. 


Forms Fail.png

What I have read in a previous thread is that the team stopped working with the add-in. They are working on other solutions to collaborate en sync the excel files.



Well this is a huge bummer. I understand that the team wants to create another method, but why kill off the working one in the meantime? I (and members of my department) have already created working assessment routines with our students that rely on the Data-Sync service. Killing it off without providing an alternative method means I have to do the same work (setting up my data analysis) multiple times and more work that was unecessary when Data-Sync was active.

Have they created a workaround for this yet? We used this tool District-wide last school year and are looking to duplicate what worked last year. 

Kinda, there seems to be some new stuff being implemented that'll bring back the functionality, but it's tricky. I wrote about it recently on my blog. That should explain what's currently going on.