Forms does not work in IE compatibility mode

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We've found a bug in Forms. I can send this through Premier if you like, but thought I'd go to the source for your opinion.
The issue we have encountered is a lot of people in our org have said Forms does not work in IE. They can make it work with Chrome or FF ok. After further investigation, we've found that it is because forms will run in compatibility mode in IE - which I believe is IE8. The recommended solution (from Microsoft) is for the web site developer to specify what IE mode to run in.
What we'd like to see is Forms updated to include the HTML header to run in IE11 mode as described here.



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And this is why Forms is running in compatibility mode for us. I think you'll find many large enterprises are configured this way.
(We have set that all intranet sites show in compatibility mode - and because our IE network settings are set per Microsoft recommendations, all O365 sites show up as Intranet sites)
Ultimately the consequence of all of this for us is that we have people abandoning filling out forms because they don't load.


Hi Adrian,

Thanks for providing the feedback. I will let our engineering to check the issue.

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Hi Adrian,

I am engineer from Forms team. Thanks for reporting this to us. I made a fix just now and it should be online soon.

That's awesome! I love this agile thing.
If you happen to know when it will show up, I'll have some people validate it is working for us now in IE.
Hi Adrian,

I just tested and the fix was online. Compatibility view works for IE now.


Fantastic!  Thanks for the quick turnaround and is a good testament to how quickly you are adding features to Forms.

We've just found the same issue with Visio Online so I'm off to try and find a Leon in that team ;)