Forms data storage

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Does Microsoft have future plans to store data created in Forms in the data centre's closest to where the Form originated example. Australia?


As Country's become more risk adverse to storing data overseas (i.e. US / Europe) this may see many future customers seek alternative platforms for running forms, surveys and workflows.




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This is an active concern for whole sectors. It makes little sense to the end user that their OneDrive, Sharepoint and Exchange data can be stored regionally but Forms data cannot when there are privacy laws governing data sovereignty - see where the govt here actually discourages its use: . It's creating painful workarounds to come up with locally stored alternatives which is a missed opportunity.

I would also be interested in it. I hope they will add it someday.
Data Governance and compliance.
Thank you for raising this! I'm amazed Forms data is stored separately from other MS data. This really does need to be looked at by Microsoft.


This is 100% holding our organisation back from using forms..... super sad face