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Forms capabilities - is this possible?

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Hi, so I created a Form for people outside the company to fill out with details and so far it's working nicely.

There are however a few things that I would like done but don't see a way to do it.

It doesn't 'save' the data, meaning autocomplete from typed history doesn't work
In #2, I would like e-mail selected by default, but don't see a way to do this

In #9 below, I would like it to show today's date by default, so people don't have to manually enter it. 

How do I accomplish the above?




Also, is MS Forms Pro something else now? Dynamics something? I can't find it to buy in the admin portal.


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Microsoft Forms currently does not support the functions you are asking. Customer Voice (Forms Pro) is a different Microsoft product which is licensed with Dynamics 365 subscription.