Forms can't set multiple answer's limit

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When I created a survey in Forms, some questions are required to have multiple answers.

But there is no limit to control the participator to choose certain answers.

For example: One question have 10 answers, and don't want participator to select more than 5 answers, if someone selects 5 answers then no other answers are allowed to be selected.

I check the Forms setting with multiple answers, but not find such function.

Does Forms support such function?

Or am I missing something in Forms?

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@danvy617 this is not currently possible with Microsoft Forms, but there is a uservoice request for it which you can vote for here.


Los Gallardos
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Many thanks for your info.

This seems like a really basic capability to not be available. The only workaround I am finding is to use ranking (but ranking questions have a limit on how many options you can present).


Which makes sense because there's a logical limit on how many items someone CAN mentally rank but in our case we have more than 10 options to present, so TOP 3 / TOP 5 is the only question type that will work.

And (SIGH).... MS Forms doesn't support it????