Forms - can one question's answers be restricted based on another answer?

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I have a situation in which people answer how many vacation days the earned over a period of time.
I have a second question asking how many of those days they used.
Obviously they cannot use more days than earned.

Is there a way to have forms check this on its own.
I am using the rating type of question with 1 to 10 as possible answers.

Thank you in advance
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@Ian_123 no, there's no feature like that in Forms. If your users areall internal you could build a custom canvas app in Power Apps for your form and that would give you much more control over calculations, restrictions etc. But it's a much bigger learning curve than Forms.


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Thank you for your reply.
I am. Very limited on the programs. And services I can use (I get what I get kind of) so I won't be able to work with what you suggest but I appreciate your time!
Thank you