Forms branching incorrect

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For some reason, some users can go through the survey correctly but for some others, the branching was incorrectly executed.  Why is there a bug that the branching in Forms is unstable?


Thank you

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Hi @Ang_Beng_Siong,

I'm facing a similar issue..some people get the right next question once the they select the answer (they can see just question no. 5) - someothers not: they see all the next questions (question no. 6) 



Have you faced it?

@Ang_Beng_Siong Similar issue here.  Branching not working right.  Stopping at a branch that worked previously.  No edits were made.  In preview mode the branching works perfectly, but when going to the link to complete the form, stops at a specific branch and won't go further for one particular option.

I have a form that is submitting when it reaches the first branch for some users. There is no branching at this point to take the user to submit, so it is making no sense!  Really frustrating.


I can not replicate the issue myself.  It started on the 14th September.