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I am building a SharePoint list to record and then analyse engineering issues in a plant.

My idea is to have first columns to report issue by the operators (time, location, problem etc.),

then a few columns for the engineer (cause, fix, time). Can I create two views and two forms based on those views in a way that they only see their relevant fields on the form?

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@KrzysztofG2022 No, Forms doesn't work like that. I assume you are saving the first form response automatically to the SharePoint with a flow in Power Automate. You could have a second form and flow for the fix, time spent etc and also automatically add that to the relevant columns in your list item. But you would need to provide the engineer with the ID number that was created after the first form was saved, and the engineer would need to add that into the form. The flow second flow would need a filter query to get the item where the ID equals the number the engineer had input. 


What we do with our IT Ticketing System is that the user submits the form with details of the problem and the flow saves it to a "triage" list. A manager opens a Power Apps customised form on the list item and works out which team to engineer to assign it to. The manager clicks a button on the customised form which triggers another flow, saves the ticket to another list with a column for the original ID and ithe flow emails the engineer saying that s/he has been assigned the ticket number with details of the problem. The engineer goes into the list and completes their details of the fix. The time taken is calculated automatically. We've had it running for a year with about 14000 tickets and it works well.


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