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I'm not sure if i'm doing this right... basically i want to be able to send a link to a Quiz, but only have it available for a one time use.  In the options, if I click "Anyone with the link can respond" then the "One response per person" is grayed out.  Will this only work if I select the"only people in my organization can respond"?



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It has to have a login or identifier to know that the person filled out the form. Having an open link it doesn't know better because anyone anywhere can open and fill out the form. It doesn't restrict or check based on IP or anything like that so that's why you cannot choose anyone with that option.

Thanks for the response.  I understand what what you are saying.  I plan on giving this quiz to people who are not in my company or in my organization.  Do you know of a way to accomplish what I am trying to do then?  Give a one time quiz to a person NOT in my organization? 


If I choose "Only people in my organization", what is that checking exactly?  Is it only checking for a unique e-mail address?  IP? 

What is record name checking?


If I check only people in my organization and send an individual link (instead of an email with many addresses with the same link) would it do what i'm trying to do?



For outside your organization Forms really doesn't support that functionality. It uses the login to know who has filled out the form so that's why People in your org it works for.

You would have to use another Technology list server or survey app to import a user list your going to send to, which assigns id's to each URL used etc. So it basically mail merges to all your external people their unique ID's for logging, currently forms doesn't have this ability.

I'm surprised there isn't a simple option to add a password to the quiz

Forms is in Preview currently and is still being actively worked on. I would suggest heading to the voice page and suggesting that as a feature. If enough attention/votes from the community are compiled it may be something that MS adds to their roadmap.