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Would be good if you could invite other people to Edit or even just see answers, like a colleague or partner..

Hope it can be added! (:

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Hi @Caroline Bjellekjær Matthiassen, is this an idea for this Network or for Microsoft Forms? Sorry for the confusion!

An edit to Forms. I'm sorry if it has been posted in the wrong place? 

Not a problem! I'm moved this post to the Forms group. Thanks for the great feedback!

That link doesn't work. Would love to share some feedback on Forms
Hi Caroline - Thanks for taking the time and sharing your suggestion. We understand that Form sharing / Results sharing is a very important scenario and is currently at the top our todo list. Can you please share few more details about your usage scenario.
Yes. Two examples:
To edit: we are a group of teachers who teach the same students in PE. We would like to make a quiz at the end of an activity to see if the students understand. But as we are more teachers it would be nice to all be able to add questions and read through and edit the questions already made. Therefore it would be good with rights to edit in the organization. It could also be the students who wants to make a questionnaire to their classmates but they are more people in a group and sitting at home and want to edit together just like you can do in the other online/browser apps like word, PowerPoint excel ect.
Second example is to be able to show the results to another person: eg I made a questionnaire about how many students were able to go on a science trip but since we are two teachers and other teacher asked how many were going and what their answers were I had to save it as an excel fine first and then send it in outlook to my colleague. It would be easier to be able to say : share result with "email" or person in organization. I also know that Google analyse has the posibility to show results after a person took the questionnaire. Not sure this is nessicary but idea is pretty good in some circumstances. :)
Further more I asked a question to whether it was possible to give a certain amount of answers but which could only be chosen once where as they would get hidden or untouchable for the next person to chose. Eg. When we plan our parent-teacher conferences we have maybe twelve time slots in a day two days in a row and to make it as fair as possible we let the parents chose their day and time. And ofcourse first one first but this way it seems like everyone get something durable. But this would have to be so that when one time slot has been chosen no one else could then chose it and only the available once were left to chose. This would be great. If a solution like this as well as another two or three changes to other programs could be made, then soon our school could almost be office 365 only :)
Fingers crossed
Hope it's understandable, if not please don't hesitate to write again :)
@Nakul Madaan : Any idea when sharing will be form/result will be possible?
Thanks for sharing detailed scenarios with us Caroline. Having complete understanding of your scenarios helps us during feature designing and prioritization process. Thanks again!
Form sharing is a very important scenario and at the top of our priority list. its too early to talk about timelines but I will keep everyone posted when we are close to release date.
I also look forward to this scenario. My use case is having a colleague being able to be co-owner of the form to see results, change the form, etc.
Ooops - should have entered here. I too would like/need to allow other staff members access to the form.

Along these lines I would like to be able to email Form results to an email address like a ticketing system. Using a form as a new user setup workflow initiator but need it to be able mail results to other email addresses.

@Zac Saunderson you can use Microsoft Flow. When someone gives a response to your form, it will send email automatically. You may customize the email to show your form results in the email body.