Form with Group/Team ownership does not send email notification to Group inbox

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We have a Microsoft Forms survey with the Owner being a 365 group / Team. In the settings of the form under Response receipts we have enabled "Get email notification for each response" (see attachment MS Forms_email notification setting.png). However, email notifications are not being sent to the group's shared mailbox. 

I see that you can edit the group's email settings as a 365 global administrator by going to the group's settings and selecting "Send copies of team emails and events to team members' inboxes", but this is not an option for us. They want only the team's owners to receive the emails sent to the group's mailbox, not all members of the team.

The ask is this: when a form is submitted, 2 people receive an email notification that a new response was received. I do not see that the form can have more than 1 owner. Is that correct? If that is the case, the only workaround I see is this:

  1. Create form as an individual (instead of a group/team)
  2. Form has 1 owner (unless I learn that we can have more than 1 owner)
  3. Enable setting on form "Get email notification of each response"
  4. Set up a rule in the form owner's email inbox that forwards all form receipt email notices to the other person who needs to be notified.
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You can do this easily with a flow in Power Automate. Edit: sorry I've just seen the next sentence was accidentally deleted! If you need any details on how to do the flow please ask.


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Thanks! I think we'll go this route. Tested it out and should do the trick.


I have a form on my Teams site, however, when I create a flow, I am not able to see this in the "Form ID" drop down. I am the owner of the Teams site, and I also made the Team name as an additional owner of the Form - still the same result.

Is there some specific proedure to be followed for making this form visible in Flow? 

I am using "Send an email to responder when response submitted in Microsoft Forms" template

@AlokKhatlawala you need to paste in the ID of the flow into both the trigger and the get response details action, it won't be available in the dropdown.


Los Gallardos
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thank you for your support @RobElliott 


I will apply this..


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Alok Khatlawala 

Hello Rob.

This worked perfectly. Thank you so much for the support

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