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I am looking for a solution that once a form is submitted it is sent to our admissions staff so it can be printed as it requires a wet signature for endorsement into the program.


Can anyone kick me in the right direction?



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Hi @WLS-ITGuy 


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There's a couple of options for this and Power Automate (workflow) is the key to your success.


In Power Automate, I use the Plumsail connector to take the form results and put it into a document template, PDF and/or email out as a doc via a Power Automate workflow.


The other option also uses a workflow and the Microsoft Word connector.


Note that both options require a subscription.


As an alternative, you could also drop the results into a plain text document to be printed.


Here's the Plumsail link to give you something to consider:

Power Automate actions and triggers — Plumsail Documents Documentation


There's lots of videos on YouTube about how to do all this. See how you go and let me know if you have any questions?




@Damien Rosario @WLS-ITGuy within the flow you can create an html file from the form response and convert that to a PDF. No premium connectors are required.


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Rob raises a good alternative. That is certainly another option for you to exercise.


Give this a go and see if it helps you to get started?

Create an automated workflow for Microsoft Forms - Microsoft Support




Thanks for the responses. I have finally finished the form and am now ready to get data into it. I will be working on the document/signature part shortly. I was wondering though, if I have users put data into the form, can I pull that data into a doc/pdf at any time? Or only when the form has been submitted?


@WLS-ITGuy unless you save the form response to a SharePoint list you'd have to do it at the time it was submitted. Saving via a flow to SharePoint means you can do it at any time.


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OK. Thanks!
OK. I apologize for the newb questions, If I want to save the form to a SharePoint list do I have to start over? I have 73 questions on this form (incoming student registration application).