Form Submission Error - Maximum Length Limit Reached

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I have a Form which is taking in Piping Values from Dynamics to be the basis of the question however, on clicking submit we are getting a 'Something Went Wrong. Please try again' message at bottom of Form.


When inspecting the Console the following error is showing


"code":"640","message":"CDB returned unknown error code. Inner Message: {\"error\":{\"code\":\"InvalidArgument\",\"message\":\"One or more properties in the request body exceeds the maximum length\",\"innerError\":{\"code\":\"MaxLengthLimitReached\"}}}","@ms.form.error.type":"Failure"


The Question field in Dynamics is set to 100,000 and I know that none of the questions have exceeded that value so, which property am I exceeding.

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Hi @Scott Mckenzie 


Could you give some more details on your scenario? 


When you say you have a form which is taking in piped values from dynamics, and then you are getting the error... is that when submitting the form? If so, was the form accessed from an invitation generated by FLOW (hence you were using the piped values)? 


And was the error shown on the survey in the browser, or back in FLOW?