Form starts from where user has left off instead of page 1

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Hello all,

Is there a way to force a form to always open on page 1?

I have created a form for our company users which is accessed from a web link on the company intranet webpage. The link within the intranet site html code uses ""

If users start the form and go to e.g. the second or third page, but then close the page as they don't want to continue with the form,  the next time they access the form it will go to the page where they left off e.g. page 3.

Is there a way to force the form to always open on page 1? 

We need this as we have important company information on Page 1, and are using the form as a simple ticketing system and therefore require everyone to always start at page 1.

Any advice on how to achieve this greatly appreciated!

Many thanks.  

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The 'return of where you last were' feature is designed to work in this specific way and Microsoft Forms does not offer a setting to change the behavior. A workaround could be to instruct respondents to clear their browser cache.