Form reverted back to original owner

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We have a form that was created by an individual 'Daniel'.  We started by making a copy of this form in the new Group 'SMB'.  Once the members approved, we moved it into a Group 'SMB', deleted the test copy and everything worked great for about a month.  The group members all received their notifications.  End of January Forms quit sending the notifications to group SMB now it just sends it to Daniels personal email address.


To further complicate the situation Daniel still sees the copy in his Group Forms although he gets a "Something went wrong" if he tries to access it.  

If he clicks on the 'view' link in the notification email he also sees a "Something went wrong" see session info below.


I dont know how to clear his account of the ghost form or how to reset the ownership of the group form back to the group (The form still sit in the group just does not email the group).


Any help would be appreciated.


Session ID:  cf4d87c3-216e-4fd4-8753-cd4f136058




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