Form Results to new spreadsheet

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I've created a survey in Microsoft Forms which works brilliantly.  There's only 4 or 5 questions for the user but when the responses come in we look to do some work on them.


We've added new columns to the spreadsheet for our own internal use - e.g. Status (e.g. New, In Progress, Closed), Response date (when we're going back to the user), and a couple of other things.  Again, that's been working brilliantly, and new columns have popped up to help us manage our processes, which has been invaluable.


What we've now been asked for is some way of telling when the statuses haven't moved on for a while.  We could have a column for status date, but what I'd like to do is have that column automatically populating when the status is added - rather than relying on someone to fill this in (they'll forget or they'll lie).  I found a really good (and simple) macro but the problem is that to include that I have to re-save the results spreadsheet as a macro-enabled workbook, and then I don't get the automatic updates when someone else completes the survey - which makes sense because it'd be a completely new spreadsheet. Is there a way that I can have a spreadsheet with the macro, that updates when new submissions are added?   

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