Form responses not picked up by Flow

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Hi all,


I have a Flow setup to capture Forms responses and add to them to an excel sheet. This has been working perfectly for the last 6 weeks but last week, I noticed 2 responses did not appear in the Excel sheet nor were they picked up by the Flow, but I can see those 2 responses in the export from Forms. 


Has anyone else seen this behaviour before? Any ideas what could have caused this issue?


I can see responses, either side of those 2 responses, have been picked up and processed by successfully by Flow. 


Would appreciate any help/suggestions.




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@ssh_Sony - it is possible there was an issue with the flow and it didn't run, but does seem strange. You could try and contact Microsoft to see if there was any outage reported at the time your two missing responses came in. Were the response times right after each other in a short space of time? 

Thanks for your response, Megan.

The 2 missing responses were 5 minutes apart.....
response@1/31/20 13:02:47 OK
response@1/31/20 13:43:18 MISSING
response@1/31/20 13:47:31 MISSING
response@1/31/20 14:59:42 OK

So, its entirely possible i guess, that there was an outage during that period.



Did the Flow fail?


and if so did it fail on getting the response object?


Or did the flow succeed and only that data is missing.


Also .. is the data in the base excel file that forms writes into and is the missing data in the Response analytics?


No, the Flow didn't pick up the 2 missing responses at all.

The 2 missing responses were in the forms response analytics. I found these when i exported the responses directly from Forms and compared it with the excel sheet.