Form Responses incorrectly showing as Other

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For some reason for question 1, the majority of results have gone into "other".  I have been away for a few weeks so this has happened some time in the last month and seems to be affecting all our forms, even some that were created by a colleague and shared with me.

Early survey


Recent survey



Do you have any clues as to why this might have happened?  All our surveys are copies of each other but have been created many months apart.  I did remove some questions from the recent surveys but this is even affecting unmodified surveys, such as the first image (early survey) above which was created by a colleague.

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If I export to excel the results are correct. It is just the responses view that is not showing the correct result.

@yamnitram Yep I have the same issue, have you found a solution yet?

@Robyn2019No solution yet but I have spotted two new posts reporting the same issue.  I see you have replied to one of those.  Here is the other .  

Thanks for your quick reply. So do Microsoft personnel look at these posts and provide solutions as well as community members?

@Robyn2019Hi Robyn,  to be honest I don't know but I would assume there is some oversight by administrators who can elevate issues.  Hopefully someone will be able to help us as it really does make the analysis page useless.  Fortunately the underlying results in the workbook don't seem to be affected, for the moment......

@yamnitram We are also experiencing this issue, and it's creating a lot of manual work because we need to analyze the results individually to get accurate analytics. Is there an update from Microsoft on this issue?

@yamnitram hi I got the same Problem. I think it is counting incorrectly when someone gives multiple answers with including the Option "others". I try to fit this by deleting the answer but it still don`t work.


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HI Robyn,  this has now resolved itself for me.  Are your surveys working correctly now?



@yamnitram for me the issue is still there …

I'm having exactly the same problem. My Form worked fine when I first set it up about a month ago. I have since shared it with a colleague and collected more results, but now most choice responses are showing as 'other' on the results graph, when this option isn't available for respondents. @Florian_010123 

Hi, yep mine are now good too! Microsoft must have fixed the glitch :) thanks for letting me know .

Hi All, 

Experiencing the same issue, found it today. 


I've been experiencing the same problem for a week, unfortunately, it hasn't resolved itself yet.

You didn't do anything to solve it?



No  action was taken on my part.  It has resolved itself but why it has done so I do not know.  Sorry I can't be more helpful.



@yamnitramI still have the same issues, it randomly shows the error for few responses. Can anyone help on what steps should be taken here. Thanks! Appeciate your help.

@HIral_Soni Same has happened with me too. I have taken a class test and cannot ask the students to take it again. I noticed that under responses, for some questions, there is an extra 'Others' option coming which has skewed my results. I hope this issue gets resolved for me too. Please help if anyone has any clue how to take care of this issue.

@yamnitram Hi, 


I am curious if you have heard anything.  I am having what appears to be the same issue. Some responses are dumped into "other" while others aren't plotted at all.


All the data is correct on the Excel worksheet.  


To all: 


Do we even have an option to call/contact MS directly about this issue?  Are there 3rd party options for support?


Thanks in advance!

@James_Thornton Hi James,  fortunately mine resolved itself without me having to do anything.  We tend to use the excel results so it wasn't a major problem, although slightly worrying.  I guess best export your data on a regular basis and hope nothing gets worse.


There doesn't seem to be much support for MS forms but hopefully it will be picked up and looked at eventually.

all the best



@yamnitram Thanks for letting me know. Unfortunately mine has neither fixed nor have I heard anything from Microsoft.


Does anyone know if MS plans to continue supporting this product?