Form Question Not Appearing in Excel Output

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I have this issue all the time. I have a simple form (forms only allows for simplicity anyway) and the top row in my Likert table on question 4 does not send the selected option to my Excel output. So at the moment I have to go to the Responses section within the form, View Results and go through each one and manually enter them. It seems the link between form question (well the top row of the Likert question) is broken. Help please!

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Hi Chris, can you send me your forms' url?

3.5 years later, I'll echo that when I have multiple likert questions with the same response criteria, the Excel file does not show the question, only the likert response options and they're not in the same order that the questions are presented on the Form. It's impossible to tell from the Excel output, which responses belong to which question. Defeats the whole purpose of using Excel to manipulate the data. SMH