form per team and collect all together

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I made a form for a number of teams. Shared it as a template and the team can use it.
The individual results are for the team, but I also want to have the results of all teams together centrally.
Does anyone have an idea how to do this. And sharing also gives everything together. Maybe someone has an idea via flows?

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@johnvankollenburg you will need to have somewhere to store the results from all the forms, this could be an Excel spreadsheet although in my company we always use SharePoint lists. You will then need a flow for each form to grab the response when it comes in and save it to the list. So create 1 flow, make sure it works then do a Save As to copy it for the other forms, changing just the form name/ID in the when a new response is submitted trigger and the get response details action.


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Thank you for your message. I get it but shared template , so if a team uses that they all get a different formId. In the flow I must have all that flow Id. So the team must send that to me i think. There's no other way?

@johnvankollenburg no, if you have multiple forms you will need a flow for each one saving each response into the combined list or spreadsheet, there's no trigger to get responses from more than 1 form in just 1 flow.


You should consider whether it really is necessary to have a different form for each team or whether, instead, you could start with a choice question where they select their team. Depending on the answer the form branches to a different section with questions specific to that department. That's how I would do it and you will only need 1 flow.


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