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What happens to a form if a person leaves the organization and was the only owner? Does that form disappear? Does it get deleted?

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Hi @JohnnyGeng 


All account-related data will be deleted 30 days after a user account has been deleted from your tenant (Azure AD).


I'd suggest sharing the forms of that user and then making your own copy so it stays in your account to avoid deletion.


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@Damien Rosario


Thanks Damien! Exactly the source for which I was looking! I always make a copy. Just needed a source to which to point some naysayers!


Thank you again!

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Hi @Damien Rosario,

I was reading about transferring ownership of a form to a group when the owner is leaving the office. In such case members of the group shall have edit, delete, responses privileges, can you help me on how to track who deleted a response or edited the form? Cause In compliance point of view, logs must be managed if a response is deleted or form is edited from any of the members of the group else the form present in group can't be used. 

Can you please guide me in this scenario?

Hi @mayuri755 


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Unfortunately, I am not aware of a way to track the edits of a form.


If someone on this forum has the answer I'd be keen to hear it too, but I am not even sure there's a way to do this at present.


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