Form owner: Please make sure you have permission to access this form

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I have a form that can no longer be accessed by the form owner. They can see the form along with their other ones in the Forms App, but when they click on it they get 'Please make sure you have permission to access this form'. The codes are: 


Session id: 7efae228-7dea-41b8-83a5-76ec74e7a227,

Correlation id: 4ea17b3d-9458-4254-b7ce-dba00082b4d4


No one else owns the form and we can't access the settings for it because of the permission issue. The form is quite important so we really need to have access to the responses for it.


The form was fine prior to the 28.01.22 and no changes were made to it before it started to give this error. There have been no license changes to the users account.


How can I restore the owners access to the form?

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@marie_sk860 you could try clearing the browser cache and then re-starting Office 365 and forms and seeing if that solves it.


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Please help - I am working on a microsoft form - I am the one and only owner and I can no longer proceed because I am receiving a message that says: Please contact the form owner for access , or switch to an account with permissionCan someone help please? Thank you in advance.