Form jumps back to beginning after each question.

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I have several forms that I use for collecting health and safety checks, these have been fine since I created them however today I'm getting reports that after each question is answered the form goes back to the beginning. I have tried it on two of the forms and as soon as I click a choice in the question i shhot back to the beginning.  Any ideas whats happening?


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Hello!  I too just recently experienced this issue as well and have no idea how to solve it.  I thought the problem was with the way I branched the questions so I reverted back but that did not resolve the issue.  Everytime a user gets to a new question at the bottom of the page, while it will save the users answers, it jumps back to the top of the page.  

This just started happening today to a form that we use as a tutorial for MFA, it seems like it is related to branching, if I turn off branching it goes away. I have been in touch with Microsoft Support and they haven't figured it out yet. I just created a new form with branching and it appears to not have the same issue until I add images to the questions.

Hi @Deleted  and @mgomez ,


Engineers are working on investigation. 

Could you share out your form with us (filling URL)?

And also could you let us know if you could stable repro this problem?




Hi @Deleted  and @mgomez ,


We are working on the fix now.




Hi @Zhongzhong Li

we are experiencing the same problem, when someone answers a question with branching, the form goes to the beginning.

this is the link to the survey:  

Thank you in advance!!

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Hi @AdrianVilla , @Deleted and @mgomez ,


We have fixed this bug, please let us know if you still have the problem.




Thank you so much! The bug si fixed and the form works perfect!

Adrián Villa

Looks like the fix worked! My form is working perfectly, thank you!