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I'd like to create a custom flow for MS-Forms.

Choosing a recipient name from drop-down menu & submitting > recipient will receive notification.

At this point the recipient can enter the form and is required to add his own notes before submitting.

Once submitted by the recipient > this will automatically relay the final form to another recipient.


Similar to approval form, but not quite.

Is there any similar form that I can use?


I'd like to create a custom Form with drop down managers naming list.

The chosen manager will submit a response and approval of sending the answers( with his notes) to someone else in the organization.

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@Anatoly123  once a form has been submitted it can't be accessed so that further information can be added.


What you would need to do is - with Power Automate (Flow) - to have a Forms trigger of When a new response is submitted, add a Get response details action and then add a SharePoint Create item action to save the form response to a SharePoint list. Then you'd add a Start and wait for approval action into the flow with the form responses included to get the approver's approval/rejection and their comments. When they give their approval that will update the item in the SharePoint list via a SharePoint Update item action in the flow.


Then you'd have another Start and wait for approval action including the original responses and the first approver's comments. Again, once approved that would update the item in the SharePoint list.


So in your SharePoint list you'd need a column for each answer and columns for each approver's decision and comments. 


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