Form erased after end date

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Created a form with an end date for responses. Went there tonight - form has gone.

Does the end date erase the form?????

If not where on earth is the data?

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It should not be deleted when setting an end date. Make sure you're form wasn't created in a group. On the page, click Forms, then there is some sudo tabs "My Forms", "Shared with me" and "Group Forms", check and make sure it isn't there.

Hi @Bill Wilson


In addition to what Christopher has said, setting an end date doesn't erase the form, it merely makes it unavailable to access beyond the date.


Your form should be floating around somewhere and the results should be intact.


If you can't find the form, consider if other users had access to it as it could have been accidently deleted.


Worse case, log a ticket with Microsoft Support to see if they can help get your form back.


Best wishes with your form. Hoping that it's a simple solution to retrieve!