Form embedding does not display correctly - on going issue unresolved

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There have been a number of posts over the past year regarding the issue where embedded forms do not load correctly inside webpages, especially on mobile.

Once the form is embedded it displays the field as basically a giant hyperlink button that then takes you to another page, it may as well be just an oversized share link




Here are links to previous unresolved posts

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The first post was over a year ago and the issue still persists, I have spent sometime going over each of these trying the supposed work arounds but it still does not work.

Yet I can easily add google forms embed link to which there are absolutely no issues what so ever on my page

We're trying to keep everything in house, but it makes it difficult when there are known compatibility issues that appear to be having nothing done about them

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Interesting I have the same issue. However I can say that in one theme on my WordPress site the form will display but using a different theme the form does not display. Frustrating regardless, especially as I see the form in edit mode.