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Hello, I'm making a form for my school and I wanted to know if it's possible put restriction on a date feild or somehow populate the date feild with the system date, basically how can I make the date fixed and not editable when the user is answering the form

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@Jali_Sihle This isn't possible however when the form is filled in the date and time it was completed is stored. If you go on the Responses tab and click the button to open in Excel it will tell you who filled out the form, the date/time and their answers.

Thank you very much, do you by any chance know of a workaround because I want a fixed date when users are answering the form

@Jali_Sihle there's no workaround. To do do this you would need to build your form in Power Apps, not Forms.


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@Jali_Sihle I guess if you want a static question showing a specific date (and not "the date/time it was completed") you could add a Choice question, type the date you want to show in option 1 and delete the 2nd option, to give you something like:



Okay thank you, very helpful