Form created with branching - now missing all but one question

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I created a form with multiple branching throughout about 15+ questions. Shared the link to director to test and now all questions are missing except the initial question. This question no longer has branching as there is now no other questions for the form.


What happened?
How can this have happened and be recovered?

No -there were not any responses as it had been created, tested via preview mode, then link shared.

The form is a Sharepoint form.

I spent hours working on this...

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If you need to restore lost questions in Microsoft Forms, you can ask your IT department to send a support ticket to the Microsoft Forms product team. They will be able to assist you with this issue.
We too are now experiencing this!!!!
If we have forms with branching, the form only shows questions up to that point.
If I edit the form however, it shows up fine. Just not when the form is shared!

Update - it seems branching was disabled somehow.  I did not do so.  I've now re-enabled it by selecting the 3 dots and adding branching back. This fixed the missing questions issue. But the Submit button is ENABLED even though the form is still requiring specific fields to be filled in before submitting the form.