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I have made a few forms before to populate a sharepoint list. For this post / what im intenting to do, Im not using forms as a classic survey tool, but to collect delivery dates etc from suppliers for specific orders. 

So in general im still quite new to this and need a few advices to point me in the right direction. 


In general, this is what im planning to do (but currently not even sure if its possible):

1. we have a sharepoint list with all projects. 

2. once the status of an project has been changed to "order" by one of our staff, an email should be sent to the supplier. The supplier info is saved in the sharepoint list as well for each order. 

3. the form should already have a clear reference to this particular order, for example a prepopulated field etc etc. I want the form to populate the item in the sharepoint list with certain additional info that has to come from the suppliers side. These "questions" are always same, for example "when will you deliver" etc etc. 

4. if the form hasnt been filled out within 3 days, the system should automatically send a reminder to the supplier AND to myself.


Is this possible at all? please excuse if this has been asked somehwere else before.


thanks for help!

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@jasper1234 in order to achieve this you will need to create a flow in Power Automate. So your #2, the second half of #3 and #4 can be automated. But in the first part of #3 it is not possible to pre-populate information into your form so you would need to think you could overcome this limitation then we can show you what the flow would look like.


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thanks a lot for your quick reply! 

Would it be possible for forms to have another kind of identifier which makes sure which specific item in the sharepoint list should get the details after the user submits the form?

The columns would always be same, but the row would be different (according to this particular order number). 






You would need to get the flow to add the ID number from the SharePoint list item into the email. The user completing the form would then need to enter that ID number into a question in the form. The second flow that runs when the form is submitted would need a filter query to update the list based on that ID number.

thats possible. i do have a unique identifier for each item in the sharepoint list. Can the form itself check onsubmit if this ID exists? and return an error message / not submit the info in case the ID does not exist?

@jasper1234 All forms can do is to submit the answers to questions, it cannot do anything else: it can't check OnSubmit or give you an error message if an ID doesn't exist. It's a very simple forms tool.

ok, thanks. but then we need a flow anyways to get the data from the form into sharepoint, right? so the flow i assume i can as well ask the flow to find the relevant entry, and take a different action instead of saving the data into the list... send an email as error message for example. right?

@jasper1234 yes that's all correct.


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