Focus of the Form when user moves to next section is at the bottom of the page instead of the top.

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When the user moves from one section to the next, the next section shows the last question instead of the first question. User has to scroll up to the top to answer the first question in the new section. It can be very irritating if there are many questions to scroll through. Is this a bug? 

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I have been experiencing the same problem.  We are about to launch a form to a customer and sometimes when you go to the next section it takes you to the bottom of the page instead of the first question in that section.  I have tried both with and without branching but this still happens.  Any suggestions?


@Apodi1, I haven't figured out how to fix it yet. I think it is a bug that microsoft need to sort out. I tried duplicating the forms but it doesn't solve the problem. One workaround is to show the survey on a huge screen such that the user sees all the questions at first glance but it doesn't work if the survey is sent to the user to answer.

@chteo With what browser are you experiencing the problem? Would be great if you could share a link that can repro the issue, thanks.

I am experiencing the same problem..

I tried to change broswer, pc, account, change form and create a new one, but I still have the same problem!


Did you find any solution to this?