Filling out a form: unlicensed user is shown error message

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We have used Microsoft Forms succesfully for unlicensed users (parents of our students are part of Azure AD, but are not licensed for Office 365). They are on a separate domain, which is enabled for the tenant.


However, suddenly these users are shown an error message when filling out a form:







Which says something like 'The account is not enabled for MS Forms'.


I can't find a setting for fixing this. The only setting is enabling forms to enable for external users, that is enabled. Is there another setting I'm missing, besides assigning a license for these users (which should not be necessary for filling out forms, according to MS: "Removing the license from a user will prevent the user from creating forms in Microsoft Forms, but they can still respond to forms created by others".


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I have exactly the same problem.  Appearantly, Forms is currently only enabled for tenants that have the entire organization set to First Release...


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Lauran, the one you reported is a bug brought by Forms' recent change. An unlicensed user should be able to fill out form. We have fixed this bug. Please verify.