Failed to upload your file in Teams Quiz Form

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We have just started using 365 for our school.  I am testing the Teams assignments/quiz functionality.  I've created a quiz in Teams, where a student needs to upload a file.  However when a student tries the quiz, they keep getting the "Failed to upload your file" message.  Interestingly, when they open the Form directly (not in Teams-Quiz), they can upload the file. 


Please help!  This is for a foreign language class, so students need to upload their handwritten work. 

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@techadminsces I have the same problem. Is it an integration issue with the assignments tab in TEAMS?

Would appreciate any help


I'm currently experiencing the same issue with Teams. 


If we upload a file in the Quiz we uploaded, it keeps giving us this error message:


This error occurs everytime any user tries to upload anything into the Quiz. (Word, Excel, Pictures)


We have similar issues when we use Forms without Teams, these arrors occur only part of the time, somthimes the upload screen just freeses of the whole Form has to reload. Sometimes we have to attempt the upload severals time before it actually works. 



@techadminscesIt seems that when you create a quiz in Forms, user uploaded files are meant to be saved at your personal OneDrive. However, when you bring the quiz to your class group, the quiz is now meant to save the files at SharePoint.


A few days ago I had to re-create the question and it managed to get uploaded to the new SharePoint address. However, that stopped working. Also, I don't seem to find the Microsoft Forms' file anywhere in Sharepoint.


If I open the shared quiz in Forms (, Group Forms, I am not able to add file upload questions.



Could someone at Microsoft help us?

I am having the same issue ;  created quiz; student not able to do the file upload question ;  quiz working well for MCQ type only @Tla89 



Dear Colleagues:

I've create a video to help solving this error. You can access it in

Although it is in Portuguese, you can add the subtitles. Please check if it solves your problem and send me your feedback.
Also you can check other videos in


Best regards

@luismi77 Dear Brother 


I checked it really worked. I basically I understand reacher than working on the forms in the general we need to work on the forms which has been created after launching the assignment which is inside the Groups.   I tried it worked. ;   but I need to figure out some good sequence so that it become a good practice.



MS developer team can help use to work directly to create forms under groups and that should be easy accessible from assignment action.  at present the assignments are accessible which are available only in a common area. not the forms inside the groups.


developer team please answer is there any way we directly open forms > go to particular group forms area and create form over there and that should be accessible by our assignment section.


since we are creating the forms inside the particular group form area by default the upload error should be eliminated.

dear sir 


please try this solution. this really work   thanks to 


other it worked  thank you very much for the help;  but MS guys need to make this easy and simple launch of quiz of upload based questions. @luismi77 



I accept sir. 


The problem is, there are multiple groups and we need to enter in each and every group to edit.
Isn't there any other solution instead of going to Group forms and edit again and again?

Its  true


i have conducted many exam even advice all our schools given the sequence to follow as it work successful,  no other shortcuts;  groups forms allow only the particular group members to upload ;  


In case if you want to reuse the existing form in the group forms  simple way  is to create a template share and open in URL  it will create a duplicate form in My forms, with out the responses.





I have created a manual for my school ;  hope its useful





Thank you sir!


I really appreciate your effort. It is always good to have this communication; otherwise, we would not have been able to circumvent this problem. Problem has been solved.


Thank you again!



Thank you sir! Your video is the right way to solve my problem. It is interesting that you give the class of Mechanics of Materials while I am giving Engineering Mechanics: Statics and Dynamics. MS Forms needs to address many features useful for Math & Engineering disciplines like accepting a range of answers as valid. However, that will be for other post.

Thank you again!

It's good.

But my concern is in uploading the file. Instead of editing the form after distributing, can't it be debugged?

@luismi77 thanks so much for your video.


Following your clear instructions we used this to get quizzes working for our students.


What is interesting is that having done this once for a given team, you don't need to repeat the process for further quizzes with upload questions - they just work.  This means we are now back to sharing quizzes among colleagues.


Thanks once again for your help.



@NiSTha we thought this was going to be a major problem too.  But now a member of staff just needs to go into their class team once to edit a "test" quiz and after that all other quizzes should work.


This is what we ask each member of staff to do once in their class Team:

  1. In forms create a new quiz called "Will delete".
  2. make an upload question in the quiz - doesn't need any content.
  3. Go to your class Team
  4. Create new assignment/quiz/choose "will delete" and assign it.
  5. (If you were to try doing the quiz it will fail due to missing information)
  6. Go back to forms page.
  7. Go to GROUP forms and open "Will delete" in the appropriate Team.
  8. Add another upload type question. 
  9. Delete question 1, the original upload question. 
  10. Go back to the teams page and reopen the previous assignment, the quiz should now work. 

Having done this once, further quizzes shared to the colleague with upload questions in will work in this Team.  


As others have said it would be better if MS just made it work properly, but until then...