External Collaboration Setting in Admin Center doesn't work

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We have turned External Collaboration for Forms off in the Admin Center, however, users can still share forms anonymously to the internet.


Is this setting broken or does it do something else?  We cannot figure out if it does anything.

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After I disabled external sharing, the Anyone with the linke can view and edit is greyed out:




Also when I open the link, I'm getting :

Sorry, something went wrong
IT policy has disabled the collaboration feature



Michael, are you using a Form made through the Forms applet or a Form made through OneDrive or SharePoint? Might not lead to an answer, but I suspect that if the form was made through OneDrive or SharePoint, that Form might not be using the permissions setting for the Forms service add-in.

I am creating them from forms.microsoft.com


1) I set the Admin Center toggle to Off

1 toggle.png

2) After I do that, I can still select either option on the Share dialog

2 share.png


3) ...and I can also pick the anonymous options on the settings dialog (The settings on the Share tab and the Settings tab seem confusing and redundant)

3 settings.png

...and I can open the form from an unauthenticated identity on the internet.



Turns out that the tenant setting that exists doesn't stop external users. Got it from Microsoft that it instead controls some sort of co-authoring experience.

Did they mention if there was a way to prevent external use of Forms?

They told us there wasn't and they have no intention of changing it.


Please vote to change it.


I noticed that they changed the link on my post. I ended up adding text so it goes to the disable external sharing suggestion instead of the welcome to MS Forms suggestion.