Export data from form into SharePoint list or library

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It would be great if we could export the data from the forms into a SharePoint list or library. When tracking responses, sharing amongst teams, or storing data for any period of time, this would be very helpful.

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thanks for taking the time and sharing your suggestion with us. You can currently export data to excel, we would love to understand your form usage scenario and export to SharePoint scenario in more details.

We have a form set up as a quiz, where the results need to be stored and shared amongst a team. Presently, it is a completely manual process to check the quiz, export data, and upload to a shared site. It would be much more efficient for us if the results from the quiz could automatically flow into SharePoint - our team could then be notified by email when responses were received (this feature should be added to the form itself, too), and it would eliminate the need for continual manual exporting (the quiz will be used to collect data over a long period of time and many users).

This is exactly what I am trying to do, any progress on this?

Any progress in this?

Im dealing with the same issue.

I have a similar problem, and a partial solution. I made a form for a staff appraisal. I now need to be able to share the results with the leadership team. In the 'Teams' app I can add a tab, select the 'Forms' app as my connector, choose 'add an existing form,' select the form from a drop-down and then choose 'show results' from a further drop-down (see attachment).

The limitation with this is that the results view from the Teams app is only the summary - the drill-down to an individual response, and the export to Excel are unavailable.

Can we have the same access/functionality to the data from the Teams app that we have from the Forms app.

Thank you.


Joe Rasmussen.

Perhaps I am completely wrong, but did I not see in one of the linked in Sharepoint courses that it is possible to create a sharepoint list by importing an excel file keeping a link between both files. This means that data added in excel (e.g. Coming from a form) would also be added in the sharepoint list and vice versa? Would that not be a solution?

Managed to get the information from an MS From into a SharePoint list using MS Flow, the flow propagates the list fine, we then added a connection to the list from Power BI for reporting. 


Followed the instructions on this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AprYi3w13AI&feature=youtu.be&t=2m32s


This week I created an MS Form and have used MS Flow to build the connection to my SharePoint list - even added in option to send an email that tells me a new item has been added to my SharePoint list. 


A tip I found out the hard way - don't use the Likert Scale option in your form as it seems to fail the transfer of data to your SP List.


You can connect your verbose question labels to the more succinct list column names and just make the column types "text".