Expert Advice Needed: Update a record in an Excel Online table with multiple Forms

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I am using a MS Form (say Form1) to input data from an external client through a public form (this is key - they are not guest users). I store the responses in a central Onedrive Excel sheet. The info collected is for requesting extra resources. 

When these extra resources are deployed, the client verifies the extra resources physically. The client now wants to have another form which allows them to say "Y/N" for the received resources. 

Ideally I want to append this column to the original excel table, but maintaining the accuracy of each record (no values should be edited. Y/N verification should apply to the right record/order). Is there a way I can append/patch this single column to an existing Excel sheet?

If MS Forms is not the right tool, can you please suggest something preferably free?


P.S. I am not an IT guy. I am a manufacturing engineer trying to digitize a process with above avg understanding of O365.

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You could potentially automate this use case with Microsoft Flow and using the pre made templates - please refer to the following blog post -



@Paras Dodhia In effect I am doing something like this. But my question refers to the next phase. Once I have a table of, say, 9 columns, I want to append a 10th column which verifies receipt. I want this verification field to apply exactly to the right row (which is a project/order).