Excel file in OneDrive- Forms Data not refreshing in pivot table

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I created a new Form from Excel using MS Forms.   When I open the excel file in OneDrive that holds the data, I also have a page with pivot table to analyze the data.

I can't seem to get the pivot table to auto-update as the new entries are received, although the data source page that collects the forms data is updating fine.

The only way to update pivot table is to open it in desktop version, and then change the data source properties to show the new rows of data.  Then save back to online version.

Is there another way around this?

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I too am having this problem. Even though I did add auto-refresh to my pivot table, it does not.  You have to refresh the table every time, which is not optimal. I hope you get an answer soon!

So far I have only seen to allow macros and add vba. That isn't an option for us. 


Unless you will always be opening with the desktop app. Then you can just choose the options in the pivot table to auto refresh on opening, but that does not auto refresh when data updates if already open, nor does it auto update in the browser excel.