errorcode 631 on forms

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Unfortunately the errorcode '631' appears when I want to use forms. 

Does anyone knows how to fix this?

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Apologize for the service reliability issue . Microsoft Forms team is actively working on investigating this and in the process to identify a proper mitigation plan. We have created a discussion thread (Microsoft Forms - "Something went wrong" Error) to keep you updated. Thank you for your patience as we work to restore the Microsoft Forms service. It's our top priority to get this issue addressed as quickly as possible.

Thank you (and your team), it's functioning at the moment.

Oops, my reaction was to quick. Forms is not functioning properly at the moment.  

We would like to provide a quick update: we've identified the cause of this issue and have restored the service for the majority of Forms users. We will provide a further update once the service is fully back to normal. Thank you for your patience. Your Microsoft Forms Team
We've fully restored the service for all Forms users and will close this discussion. Summary of impact: Between 00:50 GMT and 11:15 GMT, a significant number of users encountered "Something went wrong" errors. Root cause: Architectural change to switch Forms' connection to SQL Azure. Mitigation: Engineers checked in a fix to revert the code change and flushed impacted caches. Next steps: Engineers will continue to investigate and prevent future occurrences. Thank you for your understanding and participating in this discussion. Your Microsoft Forms

Hi Kathy,


I am aware that the problem has been fixed for many user. But I just encountered the issue an hour ago. Could you help me look into it?