Error Message: Adding the Forms App to a TEAM Chat

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I'm new to TEAMs and looking to create a poll in one of our chats.  This pops up always.  I've tried signing out and nothing changes.  Any ideas or tips?  I'm on my PC, accessing the Teams APP.



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Thanks so much for your feedback. We are investigating, will get back to you when I have any further updates. Much appreciated.
Same in Belgium !
In some groups (teams) it is possible, in other => error !
Is it not a question, for a quick poll, of maximum number of people that are members of this group ?

Also receiving similar errors in chats.


We have had issues with the Forms bot in channels where nothing occurs when using @forms in a conversation. Deleting and re-adding the app from the group  seems to fix this.


No solution for individual or group chats yet.